7 Influencers in Rome, Italy

Working with AMV we shot on location in Rome, Italy with 7 Influencers. We created a variety of films for various of social channels. We also made 3D stereograph Gifs of each influencer.

650k Instagram Followers to impress

A jammed packed 3 days running around London, then Croatia to find the ultimate things to do for British Airways and their agency BBH.
Barry Kimber

6 German Shepherd puppies let loose

Le Alsace-tians Kronenbourg 1664 campaigning was a 2 day shoot in a barn in Hitchin.

Burgers, mayonnaise = this film

Working with the creatives Nick & Anya from Ogilvy is always a pleasure. We shot on location at Beagle, a restaurant next to Hoxton station.

Alan Shearer Sky TV Idents for BBH

This series of films, directed by Jack Dixon, shows that football is much more than a game as we follow Alan Shearer surprising three young fans with tickets to their very first match. Alan recounts the anticipation and excitement he felt as a child and how these early experiences shaped his career and the man he would eventually become.

Shimmying with confidence

Working with BBH and the BBC we produced a series of short films for Strictly Come Dancing that featured a number of national institutions including British Airways, Great British Olympic Rowing Team. Conjoined the videos have amassed over 1million views online and have been featured in full BBC News, The One Show and Strictly Come Dancing.


Space: the final frontier

This mockumentary is the most unusual projects we've worked on, so far. We found ourselves in a small shed outside Norwich speaking to an actual rocket builder. The possibilities of sending someone in the stratosphere was the brief. On the launch day, emotions were high, tensions were palpable, FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE…BOOM!